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The Last Minute Call

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

While we don’t necessarily love getting the last munite calls, we sure end up looking like the hero when it happens. Since we are St. george’s largest DJ company with 6 DJs we are usually available. We have had the privilege of providing entertainment for many weddings all over the Utah and Nevada, and we of course love doing it. But last week we had a call from someone in a big pinch. They had lost their DJ. I’m not exactly sure what happened but they obviously didn’t hire us in the beginning! Now I understand lots of things can happen in the process of planning a wedding. People get sick, vendors forget or overbook, plans can change, but in this case I believe the other DJ left them high and dry 3 days before their wedding. That is why we always encourage you to hire a wedding planner (that’s a whole other discussion) but in this case, the wedding was on Saturday and it was Thursday afternoon before the wedding. Luckily, for both us and the wedding party, we were available and able to take charge at the wedding to make it memorable.

So in the event that you are left with no DJ, please call us. If we are not available, we can almost always send you in the right direction, and maybe you will be the next wedding where we can be your DJ hero. Or you can just hire us in the beginning, and not have to worry about any of this silly DJ stuff and let the professionals at Festival Sounds take great care of you.

Have a great holiday!

– Festival Sounds