Get Your 2016 Wedding Booked Now!

January 25th, 2016

sparkledanceFestival Sounds is booking fast for our fall wedding and event season. If you are in need of our services during 2016, please know that we are booking weekends up fast. We would love to be the DJ and MC for your wedding or event, but we hate to be the bearer of bad news when we are sold out. So call us today and make sure your entertainment is the best!

The Last Minute Call

November 21st, 2012

While we don’t necessarily love getting the last munite calls, we sure end up looking like the hero when it happens. Since we are St. george’s largest DJ company with 6 DJs we are usually available. We have had the privilege of providing entertainment for many weddings all over the Utah and Nevada, and we of course love doing it. But last week we had a call from someone in a big pinch. They had lost their DJ. I’m not exactly sure what happened but they obviously didn’t hire us in the beginning! Now I understand lots of things can happen in the process of planning a wedding. People get sick, vendors forget or overbook, plans can change, but in this case I believe the other DJ left them high and dry 3 days before their wedding. That is why we always encourage you to hire a wedding planner (that’s a whole other discussion) but in this case, the wedding was on Saturday and it was Thursday afternoon before the wedding. Luckily, for both us and the wedding party, we were available and able to take charge at the wedding to make it memorable.

So in the event that you are left with no DJ, please call us. If we are not available, we can almost always send you in the right direction, and maybe you will be the next wedding where we can be your DJ hero. Or you can just hire us in the beginning, and not have to worry about any of this silly DJ stuff and let the professionals at Festival Sounds take great care of you.

Have a great holiday!

– Festival Sounds


This is why we do what we do!

June 19th, 2011


We try to do the best job we can at each and every wedding we perform at. But when we get the thank you’s after, the grandmas complimenting on our music (even though we threw in a few current songs she didn’t know) and the e-mails in the following weeks, that always puts a smile on our face.

Dear Festival Sounds-
Kurt and I just wanted to tell you thank you for doing such a great job at our wedding last weekend!  We appreciate that you kept us moving along with our events of the evening but not in a pushy manner.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the music selection and your friendly demeanor.  We will be excited to refer our friends and family to you if they are ever in need of a wonderful DJ.  Thanks again!
-Trichele & Kurt

Let us know if we can do the same for your next event!

The Busy Wedding Season

June 19th, 2011

Busy Wedding Season so far!

At Festival Sounds we pride ourselves at being the biggest and best DJ company in Southern Utah, and you can imagine that during the busy spring wedding season, we see a lot of different weddings and different styles. As of June 18th, we have performed at 46 weddings, and 40 races, dances and parties.

That is 86 events so far this year!

So needless to say, we need to have a great staff of DJs and professionals to handle that kind of business. Currently we have 6 DJs, and a combined experience of 78 years of great events. In fact our average Dj experience is 13 years. That is a lot of weddings. I know I for example have performed at over 1000 weddings, and I have seen it all. Here are some weddings that we have performed at this year. All beautiful and individual in their own ways. From elegant weddings to unique weddings these are the highlights:

Southern Utah Wedding Magazine Free Wedding Giveaway –

Wedding in a Pecan Orchard

Wedding at Lichfield Ponds in Toquerville

Wedding in Backyard at the Cope residence in St. George

Ceremony at Entrada

Wedding at Green Valley Spa – Yes I met Jon Lovitz!

Washington City Cotton Days 2011

Wedding at Sand Hollow Resort in Hurricane

Wedding at Sun River, St. George

Finish Line for the Midnight 5K

Wedding in Boulder, NV

Wedding in Zion Mountain Ranch – The Barn at Zion Mountain

Disco Dance at Dixie State College

And this is just a few of the events that we have performed at. If you want your next event to be like any of these let us show you how you can do it!

Wedding Season is Here!

March 8th, 2011

Entrada Wedding

As I write this blog post, it is sunny and almost 60 degrees outside here in St. George. We are blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and to be involved in such great wedding receptions. Most weddings here in Southern Utah take place in the spring and fall. Our two busiest months of the year are May and October. Why you ask, because the weather is PERFECT for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. There are lots of choices for outdoor events here too, from Golf Clubs Entrada and the Ledges, to smaller venues like Austoria and The Alumni House at DSC. You can find great places to have your wedding all over St. George, but if you really want to go all the way, head 1 hour East to Zion. Outdoor venues are everywhere here. The Switchback, and the Cliffrose are great venues here. But if you really want the ultimate wedding experience head a little farther through the park to The Barn at Zion Mountain. Here you will find a little piece of Utah’s history ready to transport you to another time and the ultimate place for a wedding ceremony and reception.

You can find any of these great outdoor venues at these links:

Entrada at Snow Canyon
The Ledges
Stephen Wade Alumni House
Switchback Grill
The Barn at Zion Mountain

Festival Sounds is Proud to be the Official DJ and MC of St. George Races.

March 8th, 2011

Festival Sounds is proud to announce that we are the official DJ and MC for all St. George Races and Washington City Races for the 2011 year. For all you big runners, triathletes, and athletes out there, you will be happy to know that not only is the music going to be great this year, but the announcements over the PA will be loud and clear all year long. After a few very successful events last year, The St. George Leisure Services Department has given Festival Sounds the contract for all events this year, and hopefully for years to come.

So far we have done the St. George Half Marathon, SHAC Triathlon, Lake to Lake relay and many other successful events, some of which that require multiple setups at the start, finish and sometimes in-between. If you are putting together a race in Southern Utah and need a great professional sound system and announcer, we can provide you with everything. We now even have a system that allows us to transmit our signal up to 1 mile for satellite systems with the same music and announcements.

So get in shape and try one of St. George Races events, you (and your health) will be glad you did!

Tips to Book Your DJ

January 24th, 2011

There are lots and lots of ways to go about booking your wedding reception vendors. You may have a favorite, or you may be going from a freferral from a friend, but whomever you use, here are some tips to gett8ing the most bang for you buck when hiring a DJ, or any other venror for that matter.

1. Fridays and Saturdays are not as busy.

I’m sure you are planning on getting married on a Saturday, as most people are, but did you know that you can usually negotiate better rates with wedding vendors on Weekdays or Sundays? It may not always work out for you to do this, but a wedding can probably cost hundreds if not thousands less if it is held on a weekday vs. a Saturday.

2. Keep your wedding to 4-5 hours.

I know when you are planning your wedding reception you think that the night should go on forever, but in reality, even when people plan to go late, it rarely does. There is only so much I as the Dj can do to keep you and your gusts from getting tired. There are exceptions, such as destination weddings and some others that can make it longer, but don’t try and make your event longer than it needs to be. A good event is always a timely event!

3. If you have a ceremony, have it in the same place as your reception.

Ceremonies are always an extra expense, and if you have one try and have it in the same place as where you having your reception. This will save you money on sound, and microphne ( I have to charge extra because I would have to set up a second sound system) and it will also save you money on chairs and set up/take down.

4. Ditch the receiving Line!

Do you really need to spend 2 hours waiting in a line so your guests can meet you and your entire wedding party? If so, then by all means have the line, but I’m willing to bet your guests would be much happier if they could sit in their seats and have you and your partner go around from table to table and say hi. This is mostly a Utah tradition, and I don’t see it anywhere else, but receiving lines are actually a DJ’s worst nightmare. As a DJ, I can’t really do anything until the line is over. and since your guests are NEVER arriving on time, the line can last for hours. So keep your guests from getting bored and make your whole reception more comfortable for everyone and ditch the line, you’ll be happy you did!

Happy New Year from Festival Sounds

January 24th, 2011

Well, another year has passed us by. January and February are is generally our busiest months for wedding bookings. In 2010 We had another great year with 140 events, and 57 weddings.

We hope to hear from you in 2011 for all your wedding, dance or event needs.

Festival Sounds is a proud sponsor of the St. George Marathon.

October 9th, 2010

A few years ago, if you had asked me (Adam) if ever though I would be running a marathon I probably would have laughed in your face. A 5k, maybe for fun, but never a full fledged marathon. But this year marked my 5th St. George Marathon that I have taken part in. My loving wife Colleen persuaded me to run my first one back in 2005. “Oh we can train together and I will help you along” she said since she had already run a couple herself. But then she got pregnant with our first little one just after we signed up, so I trained alone and was pretty happy with my results.

Since then, I have run in 4 more and this year Festival Sounds is proud to be a sponsor of the marathon. Really all this means is that we are providing a sound system for the finish line in exchange for some entries into the race. We have actually provided sound systems for the city of St. George Races on multiple occasions. The Midnight 5k, Snow Canyon Half Marathon, and Skim Board ing Competition to name a few.

Races and Events like this are hard to provide sound for since there are TONS of people and a lot going on, but Festival Sounds prides itself on providing a quality sound system for your event. So if you are planning any race, marathon, triathlon, or just a 5k, let us know and we would be happy to help with your sound system needs. Also, if you are planning on training for the 2011 marathon, Good Luck, and may the course not be as hot as it was this year!

We are now on facebook!

August 17th, 2010

Check out our new page on facebook! We will be adding more photos and posts about our events. Brides…check us out after your wedding and we will usually post pictures of your wedding long before the photographer’s pix. Enjoy!