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Festival Sounds offers a complete online booking agreement via the following form. Please read the information carefully and enter the information required. Don’t forget to include a current telephone number (or cell phone) that we can reach you at on the day of the event in case of any questions.

THE UNDERSIGNED has purchased a Music package from FESTIVAL SOUNDS for the specified date (s) listed below. The undersigned acknowledges that the deposit paid on this package is NON-REFUNDABLE. If the event is cancelled within 120 days of the date of performance, this deposit shall be forfeit. If the event is re-scheduled, Festival SOUNDS will try to accommodate the new event date. However, FESTIVAL SOUNDS does not guarantee availability. If Festival SOUNDS is unable to schedule said event’s changed date, deposit on this package shall be forfeit. The undersigned also acknowledges that payment in full on this package must be received on or before event date in the form of cash or check.

**Checks shall be made payable to FESTIVAL SOUNDS**

**There shall be a fee of $25 charged on any returned checks**

**Overtime fee of $100 unless otherwise specified by DJ**


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: It is client’s responsibility to provide FESTIVAL SOUNDS with a reasonably secure stage area or other area to set up equipment with easy access. Location of DJ setup should be no further than twenty five (25) feet from a 3-prong, grounded, AC electrical outlet. All charges will be discussed in advance. If extensive lighting is required, then client shall arrange that any lighting will be connected to a separate electrical circuit for safety reasons and so that chances of power or circuit failure are reduced. Also a ceiling height of eleven (11) feet is required for truss arch, if applicable. If fog is required, it is agreed that if any guest finds the fog to be discomforting, the DJ’s liability is limited to curtailing the use of fog for safety and comfort reasons. Client agrees that DJ is not responsible for things that are not within the DJ’s control. DJ is not responsible for “Acts of God.” Client agrees that DJ cannot perform outdoors in the rain as such can create a dangerous condition. Also, sprinklers or other sources of water may create a dangerous condition. DJ reserves the right to stop the performance at the event if any guest is behaving in a manner that puts DJ or others in a position of possible injury. DJ reserves the right to keep children away from the equipment. Client agrees to assist DJ in keeping problem guests and children away and/or under control. In order to prevent liability resulting from an accidental injury to any individual at the event, DJ service reserves the right to deny any guest access to the sound system, records, compact discs, cassettes tapes, or other equipment owned, leased or rented by DJ. In the event DJ believes an unsafe situation exists, DJ may call upon the client to remedy the situation. DJ may cease operation at his discretion until the situation is resolved.

After filling out this form, you will receive an e-mail with the details of your booking. When you hit Submit at bottom, you will be redirected to the payment page to make your deposit.

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