Festival Sounds is Proud to be the Official DJ and MC of St. George Races.

Festival Sounds is proud to announce that we are the official DJ and MC for all St. George Races and Washington City Races for the 2011 year. For all you big runners, triathletes, and athletes out there, you will be happy to know that not only is the music going to be great this year, but the announcements over the PA will be loud and clear all year long. After a few very successful events last year, The St. George Leisure Services Department has given Festival Sounds the contract for all events this year, and hopefully for years to come.

So far we have done the St. George Half Marathon, SHAC Triathlon, Lake to Lake relay and many other successful events, some of which that require multiple setups at the start, finish and sometimes in-between. If you are putting together a race in Southern Utah and need a great professional sound system and announcer, we can provide you with everything. We now even have a system that allows us to transmit our signal up to 1 mile for satellite systems with the same music and announcements.

So get in shape and try one of St. George Races events, you (and your health) will be glad you did!

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