Love it or hate it, one thing is for sure . . . karaoke is here to stay. Some call it “Kar-oh-kee” or even “Croak-ee”, but no matter how you pronounce it, Karaoke (Care-a-oh-kee) is alot of fun. This trend, which began in Asia, was quoted just a decade ago as being a “silly fad that won’t last long” — but Karaoke has grown into a world-wide obsession. So, far be it from us not to jump on board!

Festival Sounds offers video Karaoke — meaning the song lyrics appear on a video screen in front of you, so you don’t have to read them off an old, sweaty, wrinkled piece of paper. Additionally, Festival Sounds has a collection of over 20,000 (yes really 20,000) songs, encompassing a wide range of styles and eras — oldies, hip-hop, classic rock, disco, country, rap, alternative, and nearly everything in between. You name it, we probably have it, literally have all styles and genres of music.

Contact us today and find out how our Karaoke system can integrate into your party, event, dance, or fundraiser!


DUET Package—Includes up to 3 hours of playing time, two speakers on stands, 3 cordless microphones, DJ consol with Karaoke Music, professional KJ, and tv with lyrics posted. Great for company parties or medium size gatherings.

ONLY $400

BAND Package—Includes up to 4 hours of playing time, two or four speakers on stands, 4 cordless microphones, DJ consol with Karaoke Music, professional KJ, Video projector with words posted on wall or screen, tv with lyrics posted, lights for stage and DJ dancing if needed. This package is perfect for all types of parties or gatherings.

ONLY $500

These prices are valid in any location in southern Utah and surrounding counties. If your event is more than 50 miles from Cedar City or St. George, mileage charges may be added to your price.

Other Add-ons

Video Projector with Music Videos – $300 – Venue must provide screen

or wall to project on.

Green Laser – $50

Bubble Machine $25

Extra hours may be added to any package for $75.00 per hour.

All packages and dates can be held with a $100 deposit and must be confirmed by either telephone or e-mail with Festival Sounds. Please also check out our music request and info forms on our DOWNLOAD page. These forms should be printed, filled out, and mailed along with your deposit. A booking agreement must be signed and sent along with your deposit to hold your date. We accept checks and money orders made out to FESTIVAL SOUNDS.

If you have any questions… just call us at (435) 319-0872… we have the answer.