suudance1When it comes to high school and college dances, nobody beats Festival Sounds. We provide special rates for educational institutions, as well as school clubs and organizations. But more than that, we rovide a DJ who actually knows what music you and your friends want to hear.

There is, perhaps, nothing more disappointing than taking the time to plan a school dance, then watching your fellow classmates leave early because the DJ is your grandfather’s age and his music collection doesn’t go any further than 1978. (Yes, we remember — it sucks). Not to worry . . . we know what you’re listening to and what you want to dance to.

Best of all, with Festival Sounds nothing is left to chance . . . we take the time to find out EXACTLY what you want to hear BEFORE we arrive at your school. Our special Musical Tastes worksheets help us to provide you with exactly the songs and artists you want. Now it’s even easier to fill out the forms — they’re online and completely downloadable. Contact us today for more information and/or to receive a quote.