Song Lists and Ideas

While planning your event, there are many song choices to make. You can let us know exactly what you want to hear, or you can let us take care of it all. Hopefully this information will help in making your decisions. But remember, if you have questions, feel free to call us, we are here to help!


(Warning, this is about 10,000 songs and about 450 pages, it is most of our songs in a spreadsheet alphabetized by artist and about 1.5 MB)


Wedding Songs

First Dance – This is probably the most important song that you will choose. Make sure it is slow, elegant and something that you don’t mind hearing in 10 or 20 years and saying “hey, this was our wedding song!”

CLICK HERE for link to some good first dance songs


Father – Daughter Dance – This is almost as important as the first dance. i usually recommend combining the father daughter dance with the mother son dance if possible to shorten the length of time people stare at you while you dance, but here are some good choices.

CLICK HERE for a link to some good father – daughter dance songs


Mother – Son Dance – Like I said, I’m all for combining the two dances, but here are some good mother son dances.

CLICK HERE for some good mother-son dance songs


Cake Cutting Songs – Remember on this one, that this is not too important to choose, as you will not hear much of the music while you are cutting the cake. It is in the background and you will be focused on something else. My personal favorite is “Cut the Cake” by Average White Band.

CLICK HERE for cake cutting songs


Boquet Toss Songs – For this, it needs to be a fun, upbeat song, with something to do with ladies. Beyonce has the perfect song for this, but also ladies night, and raining men are good choices too.

CLICK HERE for boquet toss songs


Garter Toss Songs – Also needs to be fun and upbeat, but more manly. Austin Powers theme music or mission impossible work really well. This will play a bit longer because the groom will need time to take it off of the bride, but here are some good suggestions.

CLICK HERE for garter toss songs


For the rest of the music, remember that Festival Sounds has countless years and experience choosing the right songs and making your event a musical success. We do of course want your input on what you like and what you think your guests will like so that we can get some direction on what to play.


Background Music – This is the easy laid back time when you will be mingling, talking and not really listening to the music, but you want to have a nice atmosphere created. i usually suggest nice jazz, oldies, and maybe some current songs that you like thrown in for a personal touch. Try to keep it slow, and elegant.


Dance Music – this is where your real musical tastes should come out a but more. Pick songs that are fast and slow, but nothing in between. Remember that grandma will be there, all the way down to your niece and nephews, so the music needs to be fun and appropriate. That doesn’t mean that it needs to be dull, but remember your audience.